Dancing Concert Photos

Last week was dancing week!   One dress rehearsal and two concerts later, dancing for the year is all over.

I took the opportunity to take some snaps at the dress rehearsal.  I felt like a sniper with my 70-200mm lens sitting about 5 rows from the front of the stage at the Octagon.   It certainly is a little stressful taking photos at a concert – a little bit like shooting a wedding ceremony in that you only get that one chance – you can’t tell people “Stop! Can you do that again?”, and the lighting is pretty dim.   Also, I couldn’t fully enjoy my own kids dancing, but that’s OK because I attended the two actual concerts on the weekend.

Being seated in a concert venue, I couldn’t move from my spot at all which made things difficult.   There were some angles that I had to see fly by without being able to capture them.  Also, I realised during the show that 70mm wasn’t quite wide enough for some ending group shots that I wanted to take, and in the end, I didn’t bring another body to take photos with.    5GB of photos later, the effort was worth it.   Photos are a bit grainy at the moment but I haven’t run any noise reduction on them yet.

Here are a couple of the better snaps of the kids:


Dancing Concert 2008

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