2008 – Year in Review

What a week it’s been.  Actually, what a year it’s been!

The Good

The year of travel
We haven’t travelled so much before.  I think it’s partly because the kids were now at an age (7 and 9) where travel is much easier.   Much of our disposable income in 2008 went to travel.   Destinations in 2008 included Disneyland, LA, New York, London, Nice, Paris and Phuket. Then halfway through the year, wifey and I went on a quick Italy trip to Rome, Florence, Venice and Bologna.  In the third school term holidays, we all went to Sydney and Melbourne.  And by then, we were all travelled out… and extremely broke!!!  But what great experiences..  I’m wondering where we can go in 2009!

Moving house
We sold our house for the first time and bought another place.  We were in our old house for 7 years and accumulated much stuff.  But being the first house we’ve ever “sold”, it was all a learning experience.  Not sure if we got the best price, but so what?!  The market had probably reached its peak and was starting its way down.  I’m happy with the price we got, and have been loving the new house!

Cycling to work
I started to cycle to work..  well, although it was only 3-4 times in the end, at least it’s a start.  I hope to continue this more in 2009!

I started up my blog again seriously for the umpteenth time.  But this time, I really tried to make it work, and I think it is!  I’m happy with it, but I might change the direction a bit next year.

Blog postings in 2008: 119 posts (only started again seriously from 26th June)
Visits to my blog in 2008:  11613 page views

Giving back to the community
In 2008, I continued to give back to the kids’ school through involvement in the Board and contributed to the church by volunteering to do the music at the Saturday night service.

Paid photography
This year, I did my first “paid” wedding photoshoot.  It was for a friend of a friend, but still, the pressure was on.  Looking back, it was a good experience to have – something that I wanted to dabble in, and now I’ve had my first real taste.

Did I go crazy?   In the end, I took about 11364 photos (about 49.9GB worth including RAW and JPEGs).

The Not So Good

I didn’t play my violin as much as I wanted to this year.   In the end, I only did one season with Allegri, a community string chamber orchestra I’m playing with.  I didn’t up recording anymore than 1 movement of solo Bach even though I was hoping to do one a week.  I didn’t end up finishing learning the Sibelius violin concerto.  I didn’t end up entering the Fremantle Eisteddfod.  Oh well.

Dates with wifey
Not good this year.  We talked about going out for dinner every week..  then every 2 weeks… then once a month, but we never got this working.  This WILL change in 2009!

Swing dancing
Unfortunately, I can count on ONE HAND the number of times we’ve gone out dancing this year.  BAD!  It’s great to have such a friendly community though – we still get a really warm welcome when we did find time to dance this year.

Well, Happy New Year all!  I’ll think about New Years Resolutions tomorrow 🙂


3 thoughts on “2008 – Year in Review”

  1. Happy new year to you and your family!

    Your photo count is a bit higher than mine – I think I did about 9000 photos in 2008 😉

    On the subject of dates, I have a great arrangement with my sister. One night every 2 months, she’ll babysit our kids so we can go out, and in the intermediate months, we’ll babysit her kids, so she can go out with her husband.
    It works well, and it means I get to go out with my wife every 2 months.

  2. Thanks Martin.. Happy New Year to you and your family too!

    I like your date arrangement. We’re toying with some similar ideas for this year – it’s gotta happen!

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