Guitar Hero World Tour!

I finally bit the bullet, drove out to JB Hifi and bought Guitar Hero World Tour.  $288 seems like a lot of money for one game.   It’s nearly the price of a Wii…  nearly…   but someone at work tipped the scales when she described ho

Anyways, brought it home, the kids were excited, wifey was excited, I was excited!

Our 7yo helped me unpack it and put it together.  One of the first bits of paper I saw inside the box was this:

The green warning note!
The green warning note!

I thought, “Hah!  They must be experiencing lots of problems with peripherals!”

We were all ready to play!  But the first thing the kids wanted to do was plaster the supplied stickers all over the gear.   Then we all took rounds of playing the drums, guitar and singing – it felt like quite an achievement when we did get through a whole song!  It does require some persistence from the kids to try hard to get us all through a song.  Luckily my old GH3 Les Paul guitar works with the game too so we had a complete 4 player band.

When it came around for me to try the new GH WT guitar – uh oh..   the strumming action only worked going down and not up!  The kids hadn’t noticed this before me because they always strum down whereas I strum alternately.  And then it started doing another weird thing – if I strummed up, then it would continually go up.  This was only noticed in the menu screens.

A few googles later, it seems many other people have similar problems with the strum switch.  I’ll first try to call JB Hifi tomorrow, otherwise, it might be a couple of weeks before we can rock out all 4 people at once 😦

The guitar with a faulty strum switch
The guitar with a faulty strum switch

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