Holes not aligned

A holey problem
A holey problem

Over the holiday break, our 7yo received a little wooden toolbox gift. It’s one of those crafty activities that is great for both Dad’s and daughters. Dad gets to do some basic handiwork, and gets a toolbox at the end of it – Daughter gets to help Dad and do some painting!

Unfortunately it didn’t start too well!

When trying to put the sides of the box together, our 7yo couldn’t screw some of the screws into the holes on the side. She gave it to me and I had a go. No luck either! Upon closer inspection, it seems that the pre-drilled holes on one side just didn’t meet up with the pre-drilled holes on the other piece!

I had a look at the box – Made in China. Hmm.. Ikea wouldn’t let something like this happen 🙂

So I spent the next 10 minutes getting out my drill, trying to find a suitable drill bit in my mess of handyman stuff, and then drilled the hole properly.

All done – then it was time for my daughter to paint it. But no, some of the paint seemed to have dried up in their containers!

Aarghhh.. I guess if anything, she’s learnt that things aren’t always perfect, but you can fix things with a drill 🙂


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