First 2009 cycle with Trailguru

The weather forecast looked not too hot yesterday so I decided to cycle to work. My first cycle in over a month and I felt it! Half way to work in the morning, my legs started feeling like concrete posts.

I thought to myself, “I’m going to phone wifey and ask her to pick me up.”

But then I thought, “Stuff it! I’m going to continue cycling, but at a leisurely pace and enjoy the view!”.

For my ride home, I decided to try out an iPhone application called Trailguru. Trail Guru is yet another reason why the iPhone is cool. It’s a GPS tracking application – you basically click “Start”, and then it will track where you are, how long you’ve been going, what your current speed and altitude is, and then let you review all this when you’re done.

Screenshot of trip on Trailguru website
Screenshot of trip on Trailguru website

It’s sort of like Sports Tracker on Nokia phones. There’s another application called “Track Thing” that I tried on the iPhone previously, and even though Track Thing has pretty graphs of speed over distance and time, it doesn’t save your route or statistics for future reference. Trailguru does – and it can upload it to the Trailguru website where you can accumulate your total distance covered, look at graphs of speed and altitude over distance and time, and review any trips you’ve uploaded previously. Cool!

Pretty graphs of my trip on Trailguru
Pretty graphs of my trip on Trailguru

I love iPhone applications that combine 2 or more features of the iPhone together. Trailguru does this by:
* GPS + Camera – you can take photos during your trip and it will geotag them and associate them with your trip
* GPS + Google Maps + Data connection – it will track your position and trip and show this on Google Maps immediately by downloading the maps from Google Maps
* GPS + Sound – it can beep every kilometre when you’re on a trip
* GPS + Data Storage – it records an overall odometer so you can see how far you’ve travelled in total
* Data + Internet – you can upload your trip from the iPhone to a website to analyse later

Trailguru also bridges the gap from iPhone to internet by providing a website where you can view other people’s trips and shared routes, photos and it even plugs into Google Maps.

If you’re cycling, running or whatever, and you have an iPhone, you need to get this app!

As for my actual ride itself – hard work. I’m going to try to cycle more regularly this year. And note to self – need to have work pants at work to wear!


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