Car wash

I remember in the “old” days, we used to wash our cars at home by hand, maybe on the lawn. It was a great ritual, getting out the hose, a bucket, soap. Once a while, Dad would come home with a new flash high powered jet spray, or rotating sponge or something, and we’d have a try to see whether it worked well or not. But usually after a few washes it was back to using the sponge by hand. My Dad used to say that that’s the best way to get to know your car 🙂

At our old place, we had a big front paved area, where I could wash the car with the kids. They always wanted to help – so I’d assign parts of the car for them to work on. We all ended up wet and soapy, but we bonded 🙂

A few weekends ago, the car was looking mighty dirty. In our new place, there isn’t much room, and no real lawn to wash the car on. So it was time to head to the local DIY car wash.

What a bloke place! Blokes and their cars! Taking great care of their automotive pleasure!

I had to queue for a while, watching how others were washing their cars with great interest. Did they put on the protective wax coating? Did they do the spot free rinse at the end? What did they use to dry their cars with afterwards?

And then it was my turn. I put the coins into the machine and the pressure was on! At least with an automatic car wash, you know that your car will go through all the stages by the time the time runs out. But with a DIY car wash, you have to start calculating – I’ve got this much change, I’ve got 8 or so stages, how long can I spend on each one, etc. But the car wheels are extra dirty or front of the car is splattered with bugs, so I need to spend more time on that. Hmmm…. And then someone started queueing their car up to enter my bay after me. Great – now they’ll be analysing how I wash my car!!

I looked out over the other bays and saw other guys washing their cars.. I felt like I was in some sort of club… team… that I was a bloke 🙂

And then the final minute was there, the time was flashing, I quickly finished off using the final spot free rinse. Drove the car out, and wiped it down with a chamois cloth and drove home.

I shout to my wifey, “I’m home! The car is clean!”

She answers anti-climatically from somewhere in the house, “Hmm.. good”. Oh well… now time to clean the other one.


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