YouTube Symphony Orchestra audition prep – Day 12

The deadline is fast approaching!

I haven’t had much practice lately, but the other day, my wifey took some time out to give me some feedback. I hadn’t realised yet, but I haven’t really played the Paganini for anyone else properly yet! I figured there was not enough time to get a violin lesson in.

In any case, it’s great to have a third party look at the score and listen to your playing. If you’re a music student with concert practice or having regular lessons, this is obviously no problem. But for people who do music as a hobby by themselves, it’s extremely fruitful. Of course, as an artist that has worked hard at it, you may be defensive at first, but that’s counter-productive. A musical performer is a communicator – communicating the composer’s written intentions, along with your own interpretation, to the listener.

So, we looked at the Paganini score, and adjusted some of my tempo interpretations and phrasing. I did a few more videos and looking back at the early ones, I now wonder what planet I was on!

A few more days to go. With Australia Day being a write off, and needing probably 1 day to process the videos and upload them, I think I’ll need to finalise the videos this weekend!

And I haven’t even recorded the Tan Dun piece yet!


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