YouTube Symphony Orchestra Audition Prep – Day 16


My YouTube audition videos are finally online!   Although, when I checked this morning, they weren’t listed on the YouTube Symphony Orchestra audition videos, but I’m hoping that this is due to some delay in approval, etc.

Here’s video  1 of the Tan Dun Internet Symphony No. 1.

And here’s video 2 of the Paganini Caprice No. 20.

I had some dramas trying to upload these though.

First I tried uploading them from home.  But my internet connection is a little bit flaky – I have problems uploading photos to Facebook and Flickr, so the probability of uploading a ~150MB video to YouTube was pretty slim.

I then tried from my wife’s parent’s house.  But their computer didn’t recognise my Western Digital USB2 drive.  Aargghhh!!!

And so, we stopped by my parent’s house last night and kicked it off.  And it seemed to have worked and turned up on YouTube this morning!  Yay!

I submitted them to the YouTube Symphony Orchestra page, got a confirmation email that I verified, and now, I just wait.

So where to now for my violin playing?

This experience has been a good intensive violin workout for me.  It’s good to have a deadline, but I’ve realised that fitting in practice everyday is unrealistic for me.   Also, my lack of consistent and long term practice is visible in the videos – I won’t hide this fact – my intonation is obviously not perfect.

I looked at the Paganini book and I did some sums in my head – 24 caprices, 26 fortnights in a year, spent ~2 weeks to learn Caprice No. 20.  I could set a target of learning all caprices by the end of the year, but after listening to some of the other caprices, I think 2 weeks per Caprice is a very tough target.   I think I’ll start by learning Paganini Caprice No. 24, and then finishing off Bach’s G minor violin sonata.  All good!

By the way, to read previous posts on preparation, see:

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