Happy Chinese New Year 2009

January 26th was a triple whammy for us – Chinese New Year, Australia Day AND our daughter’s 8th birthday (yep – she was born on Australia Day – in fact in 2001 so she was born on Australia’s Federation Centenary!). 

The big meal for Chinese New Year is actually the night before where we have a big family reunion dinner.   This year, my side of the family met up at a restaurant for a banquet, which always starts with a cold raw seafood salad called Yee Sang.   This is the most fun part of the dinner where you try to lift up the food high with your chopsticks (the belief that the higher you raise it, the more good luck you’ll get, but it’s really just fun tossing food about :)).    There was a lion dance (surprisingly by ang mo’s :)) and too much food!
Cold platter of jellyfish and other unknown stuff
Lo hei’ing the Yee Sang
We got the kids into their cheongsams for the occasion.   They love dressing up and this occasion is a great excuse!   Luckily, we had restrained them to limit the number of Australia Day tattoos before Australia Day itself.
The girls in their cheongsams
The girls in their cheongsams
It was a strange juxtaposition when we walked back to our car in the multi-storey carpark.   We got the kids to stop holding their noses for a photo.   I must remember to take more photos in this location!
In the smelly carpark
In the smelly carpark

On Chinese New Year day itself, we had our daughter’s 8th birthday party and Australia Day breakfast all combined!  It was  a wonderful day of eating, swimming, drinking and hanging out with family and friends.    Unfortunately, I started a small fire in the BBQ which resulted in many burnt snaggers!

Most exciting for our (now) 8yo was the propect of getting both ang pao’s for Chinese New Year AND birthday presents too!  Overload!

We ended Chinese New Year/Australi Day with dinner with my wife’s side of the family, consuming even more chinese dishes and sweets.  Too much eating!  

The surprise present that our 8yo really liked ?   A Holden Racing Team Remote Control car that we got her.    I knew it!  I should’ve bought more boy toys years ago!!   Scalextrics, Lego Mindstorms and other remote controlled cars – here I come!!!


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