Your milestone piece

Do you have a milestone piece?   You know, a violin (or insert your instrument here) piece that you heard when you were young and just wanted to play when you were older?

One video I used to watch when I was young, was a blurred VHS tape of Itzhak Perlman playing Bach’s D Minor Partita, recorded by Dad off TV one night.  I was so in awe of his playing, his concentration, technical ability.  The Chaconne is such a long demanding work and I was always amazed at his ability to play through it so well.   The Chaconne became my “pinnacle” piece – the piece of music that I wanted to work towards, that I would play one day when I was bigger and better.  No other piece mattered.

Of course, as I grew up, I started to learn movements from the D minor Partita.  And then suddenly, one day it was the day that I was to start learning the Chaconne.  I was scared.  I was excited!   Would I be able to play it as well as Itzhak?  How would I remember it all?  Would I do it justice?  Was I worthy to be able to play this piece?

And so I subjected friends and family to the Chaconne for a good part of a year in my youth.  And then I chose to play it at an AMEB concert.  5 minute limit to pieces?   Bahhhh..   why not a 16 minute Bach piece?  hahahahaa.   Thinking back, I wonder if how many people in the audience went to sleep during my performance, or were wondering, “Why on earth is he playing such a long piece?”

But now that I played (but maybe not “conquered”) the piece of my dreams at the time, what now?  Would I lose motivation for my instrument?  I remember searching to find the next milestone piece – the one I wanted to play in a few years time, and found it eventually.  

Do other people think this way?  Do you have a milestone piece?  Did you have a milestone piece?

PS.  I have since found the video here on YouTube (in 2 parts):


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