My 9yo is a human koala

We went to a great picnic party on the weekend.  There were quite a few kids… and quite a few light poles.   Our 9.5yo started doing her climbing thing.  Yep, she’s a human koala!  She easily scaled up to the top of the light pole and touched the light at the top. 

I was wondering what the other parents around must think of us.  She might fall..  but also, she wasn’t setting a good example to the other small kids!  

Before we knew it, other kids were trying to climb the light poles around the park.  Luckily, nearly all the other kids weren’t able to get a grip and the right action to climb up the poles.  And those that tried and hard and succeeded in the end, had the right action and grip to not fall.

We just sat on our picnic chairs watching the kids…  I wondered whether I should be under her in case she fell, but I knew she’d be fine – she’s done this many times before.  Has our 9.5yo crossed some sort of imaginary line in her age and ability that I can trust her to do potential unsafe things like this?  Am I irresponsible?


Human koala
Human koala

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