No news is probably bad news

Well, it looks like I probably didn’t get into the next round of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra auditions. 

The offical “rules” say that potential finalists and potential alternates will be notified by or around the 5th February.  With eagerness, I’ve been checking my YouTube account and email accounts multiple times daily, but there’s been nothing…  It’s 4 days later now, and pretty close to the date where legal documents have to be submitted, so it’s a “no” for me.

It’s disappointing putting in that effort, and perhaps mistakenly and obviously with bias, thinking that I could get to the next stage.  But in reality, I’ve had a look at my video a few times since the submission, and cringe at some of my intonation and wish that I’d played it with even more vitality.  Maybe I should’ve chosen a more flashy piece instead of a technical one. 

Also, who was I kidding – I don’t really play the violin much at that standard anymore, haven’t had regular lessons for over 12 years, am not a professional violinist and had to learn the Paganini in only 2 weeks!

But then again, in the back of my head I’m doing sums – I’m not sure how many entries there are (there don’t seem to be too many), but if they choose 200 potential finalists and 100 potential alternates, that’s 300 for an orchestra of 80.   If there are 5 desks of first violins = 10 first violin positions, that means that relatively, there should be about 37 first violins chosen for the potential finalists and potential alternate positions which seems like a reasonable percentage.

My wifey says I should just let it go and move on – that I should be happy to have had a goal to learn new pieces and play the violin again.  I suppose so…  and so I worked a bit on the Sibelius violin concerto, and to inspire myself again, went out and bought the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto sheet music from Zenith’s.

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