Photoshoot from King’s Park

I was excited when a friend at work organised a sunrise photoshoot this week.    We all met in King’s Park on a chilly morning by the war memorial.

This image is from a 4 image stitch at 2 second exposure, and then tone mapped using HDR techniques.

Perth city at sunrise
Perth city at sunrise
It was funny because we spent most of early part of the shoot with our back to the war memorial.  But once the early morning twilight light was gone and the sun was nearly risen, the city didn’t have the same atmosphere anymore, so we turned around and shot other things instead.   Here is the war memorial (before the flags went up and it was opened).
War Memorial
War Memorial

3 thoughts on “Photoshoot from King’s Park”

  1. The Perth wheel provides an interesting feature in the first one, and I like the wide angle you’ve achieved with the stitch.
    I also like the second photo – interesting angle of the war memorial.

    I’ve got some of my photos from the morning online in my gallery, but need to find the time to process the rest…

  2. Martin and Jamie – thanks for visiting and for your comments (and Martin, thanks for organising!)

    I’ll try to post a few more of my photos from that shoot soon.

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