My 8yo still plays with dolls

And I love it!

Our 9.5yo has outgrown dolls, but still has cuddly soft toys that she likes.

However, our 8yo still plays with Bratz’s, Barbie’s and last night, she gathered up all her horse and unicorn toys (and other magical 4 legged creatures) for a sleep on the foot of her bed – how adorable! 

I asked her, “How are you going to keep them warm during the night?”

“I’ll put a blanket over them”, at which she draped a blanket over ALL the four legged creatures.

I said, “But they might not be able to breathe!”, at which she took it off and giggled, then proceeded to tuck her new soft dolly into a basket to sleep next to her by the side of her bed.

Please let this stage last a bit longer…  I have a feeling there’s less than 1-2 years left of this innocence!


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