Family outing to Dralion

I love going on family outings to concerts and events.  My wifey and I, of course, hype it up and the kids get so excited. 

Last week we bought some cheap tickets to Dralion (thanks to the Perth Zoo).  We told the kids that we’ll skip their acro class on Friday afternoon and go watch some professional acrobatics instead.

The show was professionally done as in previous shows, the musicians very solid, the staff were friendly and they even provided booster seats for the kids! 

Our 8yo seemed was busy eating her fairy floss and enjoyed the slapstick by the clowns.  But our 9.5yo was so mesmerised and inspired by the acrobatic performers!  After each act, she applauded more enthusiastically than we’ve ever seen her do before.   It seems that doing acro herself makes her appreciate the performers even more.     But they were crazy – jumping through the rings/hoops, the pointe on light globes, the trampolining, crazy….

And now our daughter wants to grow up and join the circus 🙂


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