Soup for Viv

Soup for Viv, originally uploaded by jasechong.

A few weeks ago, I heard about the Town of Vincent’s local photography competition called “Visions of Vincent”. I decided, why not enter it – I have a passion for photography and I live in the Town of Vincent!

There were 2 categories – Open and Neighbours. Among the other rules of the competition – no computer edits! For me, this was really restrictive – I normally do a LOT of post processing. So, for this shot, I had to use whatever came out of my camera. Luckily, my D80 does have some limited built in editing tools, like changing the photo to black and white or sepia. But no playing with levels, curves, vignetting, etc.

For the neighbours category, I decided to capture our relationship with a wonderful old lady next door, Viv. My wife often cooks too much, or sometimes cooks extra, and we send the kids next door to give some to Viv. The girls love going next door to say hello to her and give her the food. I wanted to capture this scenario in a photo as I think it represents the whole sharing with neighbours and looking after the older residents in our community.

So, one day, we had extra soup for Viv. I got the camera out and followed my 9.5yo daughter next door. I took some quick snaps along the way, but really wanted to capture Viv opening the door and receiving the soup from our 9.5yo. But when we got there, Viv opened the door in her nightie… oops! No photos of this!

I didn’t have another opportunity to shoot anything else so had to look through the couple of photos I had taken. I chose one of our daughter mid way between our houses carrying the soup – it’s not a wow shot but I liked the glimpse of the story it told, together with the photo title.

At the “Visions of Vincent” awards ceremony yesterday, I got a nice surprise by getting a “High Commendation” for the photo! No placing, but it’s nice to get a certificate anyway 🙂


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