Sibelius violin concerto

Don’t know why, but I’ve decided to enter the Freo Eisteddfod and play the Sibelius violin concerto!

Wifey thinks I’m having a mid-life crisis.  But I told her – adults who play sports enter amateur sporting competitions, adult photographers enter amateur photography competitions, why can’t adults enter amateur music competitions?  Why do we think they should be for primary, high school or uni students learning music only?    Actually, I think there are some “adults” who enter the choral sections – good on them!   Being an amateur, I really have nothing to lose right??  Besides spending my free time practising!

So, I basically set a target to learn the first movement and bring up to scratch in about 7 weeks only.  Pretty tough…

Here’s my plan:

March 23rd week – learn last 2 pages, commit to memory

March 30th week – learn previous 2 pages, commit to memory, be able to play these till the end

April 6th week – learn previous 2 pages, commit to memory, be able to play these till the end

April 13th week – learn the rest and play all from memory, maybe go for a violin lesson this week

April 20th onwards – practice with accompanist, maybe organise another lesson during this time, work on playing from start to end non-stop

May 12th – the heat!

Haven’t been able to practise much this week, but tonight I practised a bit and then did a run through from the cadenza until the end.   Whoa, by the time I got to the last 2 pages, I was quite tired (physically and mentally) – but that’s when all the fingered double stops hits ya!   I need to practise more run throughs I think, so I can be mentally on top of the last few pages by the time I get there.

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