My daughter wants her own website?!?

The other day, my 9.5yo (nearly 10yo) daughter asks me the question, “Can I have my own website?”.

Yep, forget restricting the websites they go to, online safety – my daughter wants to create content.



2 thoughts on “My daughter wants her own website?!?”

  1. this is not weird. you should give in. am a parent to almost 12 year old girl and since last year ive been pushing her to make her own blog. 🙂

  2. Hmm.. I’ll consider that!

    I did suggest that she join Facebook. This way we can control the security settings, etc. But she actually said she didn’t want a Facebook page.

    I wonder if it’s because we (her Mum and Dad) are on Facebook. Is it daggy for the second generation?

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