Daughter sends first chain email

That’s it!  Our 9.5yo has done it… she has forwarded along her first chain email.  To both Wifey and me.

I read the message and smiled at her innocence.  The message reads:

Money Angel
this is a money angel Pass it to 6 of your good friends, or family and be rich in 4 Days.

I wonder whether she actually thinks she’ll get rich in 4 days. I have tried to train her to not click on popups, but with the odd VBScript virus appearing on our computer once in a while, I don’t think she’s learnt yet.  

Isn’t it weird that I see this as a milestone.   How technology changes and affects our lives.   When I was a kid, this wouldn’t even be a possibility!  No.. hang a sec..  there were those BBS’s that you could dial into…

I better have a talk to our daughter about chainmails and get rich schemes soon.

Or maybe I should wait 4 days just in case 🙂


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