Wyadup Rocks

Our family went down south during the school holidays. It was definitely worth it to get away from the city, the house and day to day chores.

I was so excited to get down south this trip as I have been recently inspired by many WA landscape photographers. I’ve bought the Cokin Z-Pro Graduated Neutral Density kit, had my tripod, and was ready for some action!

The only place I got to in the end was Wyadup Rocks. I hadn’t been there before, but when I got there, I was totally inspired by the rocks, the beach and the landscape. Unfortunately, it started to rain the first time we got there, so I had to make a second trip.

I’ve only had time to process one panorama so far. Here it is! I hope to learn a few more tricks and tips at Christian Fletcher’s workshop next week, so I’ll probably revisit this.

Wyadup Rocks
Wyadup Rocks

A stitch of 3 photos with a 3 stop GND, minor HDR processing, then usual unsharp mask, lab colour, curves and contrast.

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