Voice recorder

Old technology - a tape voice recorder

There’s something romantic and hands on about old analog technology.

My parents pulled out an old voice recorder or dictaphone to let the kids play with one day.  It definitely amused our 8yo daughter for a few days! 

At first she was recording some snippets of her talking, of herself singing or playing the piano.  She would then rewind it, and hit play.  I love the tape hiss, the uneven speed and small frequency range it has.   At least it made her experience that you can’t jump instantaneously to the beginning, and that the farther you want to rewind, the more you had to wait.   (Anyone remember high speed dubbing tape decks from the 80s?)

After a while, she discovered more clandestine uses for it – subtly recording my Wifey’s and my conversations. Sneaky!

The cutest thing was one night when she recorded ourselves reading a bedtime story.  She then shooshed me out her room.  I peeked in later and saw that she was replaying the story for herself and her cuddly night time toys!

Suggestion for the day – don’t let your kids grow up in the digital age without experiencing some older analog technology.   Other suggestions besides voice recorders – tapes, LPs, typewriters, old cash registers, etc…

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