Best part of the Saturday

Best part of Saturday
Best part of Saturday

Saturday’s are busy days for our family. Miss 8 has a piano lesson, then jazz and tap. Miss 9.9 has a cello lesson, about a 45 minute break for lunch then jazz and tap. That 45 minute break is when I (or Wifey) take her for lunch at KFC.

Amidst all the rushing around on a Saturday, this lunch break with just Miss 9.9 is absolutely bliss. Even she knows it herself as she has said on many occasions to me, “This is the BEST part of my Saturday. Lunch with just me and you, Daddy!”, making my heart melt.

We nibble away at our KFC on our usual table outside, playing our weekly game of Eye Spy. It’s been getting harder each week as we are getting more and more familiar with all the signs and buildings around the restaurant. We talk about our week, school, friends, tell jokes, anything…

And then, it’s all over.  The phone says it’s 5 minutes to dancing, and that means time to leave.  Our little Daddy and daughter time is up.   Even though we both wished it would last for hours more.

Best part of my Saturday…


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