Christian Fletcher workshop

I had been down on Christian Fletcher’s workshop list for a few months.  He doesn’t hold them very often, and I missed the last one down in Dunsborough.  But luckily, he held one up in Perth last week, so it wasn’t too far to drive.

Although he basically just talked for 4 hours, it was satisfying to hear that he is human!  I mean, that the techniques he uses aren’t too out there, his equipment within reach (although unfortunately above my budget!).  

And that post production can make a heap of difference.  I think this is where I need to have more time to play around more.  I just don’t have the time to sit in front of the computer and play around with different settings and stuff at the moment.  But this is where a plain photo can be turned into a stunning image.  I guess it’s the equivalent of locking yourself up in a darkroom and dodging, burning, playing with chemicals, etc.

It was good to hear he’s beginning to like Nikon users 🙂 and nice to see he was wearing the infamous iTNFP T-shirt.  I’m definitely not worthy of that T-shirt yet!

On the endless quest to spend more money on photographic gear, I’ve added some things to my wishlist now:

Manfrotto 338 (3416) Leveling Base
To make it easier to level the camera body on the tripod.  At the moment I’m using the tripod legs to do macro adjustments, which I found inconvenient and a bit dangerous when standing precariously on a slippery rock.

Manfrotto 804RC2 Quick Release Basic Pan/Tilt Head
I’ve only got a small ball head at the moment.  Which is good for some applications, but for landscapes and vertoramas where I really only want to be rotating on 1 axis only, the ball head is useless.  This 3 way head should give me all the flexibility I need.

Manfrotto 341 Junior Elbow Bracket
Christian recommended using one of these to place the nodal point of the camera on the rotational axis.  There are much more sophisticated and more expensive brackets for panoramic work that let you precisely align your camera, but this one seems to do the job fine.

Future Christmas presents?


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