Fairytale Violin Sheet Music

It was great to see so many string instruments featured in the different songs for Eurovision this year.  I remember a few years ago, it seemed that large African/Oriental drums were the “fashion”.   This year, it seemed to be violins and cellists who played standing up!

As a treat for Eurovision fans who play the violin (but mostly because I had to figure it out because it’s been stuck in my head for the last few days), I’ve transcribed the violin riff from Norway’s Fairytale song by Alexander Rybak!  Have fun pretending to be Alexander!


Violin Riff from Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, transcribed by Jason Chong
Violin Riff from Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, transcribed by Jason Chong


Fineprint:  Song copyright obviously owned by Alexander Rybak.

48 thoughts on “Fairytale Violin Sheet Music”

  1. hey, i know this might be a lot to ask, but could you do the same for the estonian entry? the song is fantastic, and it’s inspired me to start playing the violin… but i cant find the sheet music anywhere.
    or, could you tell me where to get the sheet music, if you know?


  2. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, I’m not sure about the legalities of transcribing the entire song, but I’ll see what I can do.

    As for the Estonian entry, I’ll have a listen this week and see.

  3. This is beautiful song and the violin… 🙂
    I play the violin 9 years and I would like to have all sheets music of the song Fairytale. Please, could I get it?

  4. Hey,

    My daughter plays violin for many years she sings alos . I like to have the violin sheetmusic . If you like I can pay for it.

  5. hi. about a week ago i asked you about writing part of the estonian song? i was wondering if you ever got around to it? i’m planning on buying a violin soon, and i need something to work towards! thanks!

  6. there is a few mistakes in the transcribtion but otherwise its good! (there should be another D in the 4th beat in the first tact aswell as the second tact, and the first tone in the 4th tact should be an eightnote with a D, not 2 1/16 notes of C+D)

    I also have a question, are you shure there should be an H throughout the 2nd tact, to me it sounds like its the same as in the first tact (an A, so its a chord with D+A, I think its meant to be a repeated tact)

  7. Daniel – Thanks for visiting! I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few mistakes – I didn’t spend too much time on it. Now that I have bought the song from iTunes, I’ll check it again when I have time. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about the Bb in the 2nd bar either!

    Feyza – Sorry, had a busy weekend. I’ll get to it soon!

  8. hey im 13 years old and i play a violin….i like to play this song to my friends and on conserts but i cant seem to find the song free on the internet..i realy need the violin notes to this song the whole song so i can play it 100%. But i just cant find it…could u help me get it ?

  9. Thanks for this a lot!! But couldn’t you PLEASE transcript the whole song. I need it very much!!! And couldn’t you transcript the song for the piano??? It is very hard to play this on the piano!

  10. All – thanks for visiting! Unfortunately I don’t have time to transcribe the whole song right now, but will probably have some spare time in ~2 weeks

  11. hey, so have you had a chance to do more of the Fairytale song? or have you looked at the Estonian entry yet?
    ~I’m keeping my eye on this thread!

  12. are people still here?
    Can I just restate my request about the Estonian Eurovision entry: Randajad by Urban Symphony!
    Could you please transcribe the bridge part (really the only part of the song without singing, somewhere in the middle) for the violin? I don’t think I’m gonna get over this song until I can play it!


    1. @Feyza I know – my bad… I’ll email you when I get around to it, but unfortunately violin has fallen down my priority list lately. I’ll have to allocate some time to it soon.

  13. thankyou very much
    if somebody have add of alexander rybak please give me because I love very much him and I am bigest fans in the world

  14. wow this is great! Is there anyway I could have the full sheet music? I really need it for my school talent show. THanks!!

    1. @Michelle Thanks for visiting! I’ve been meaning to get around to transcribing the whole vocal part and violin part but even over the Xmas holidays, I haven’t found time yet 😦 I think you can actually purchase the transcription on some other websites at the moment if you want to.

  15. i have searching round the internet for free music to this song but it is so hard to find!!! thank god i found this!!!
    i am HUGE singstar fan and when it came out on singstar i tried hunting down the piece. i play violin so it would be great!
    as many other people,
    could you post the rest of the song….
    but only if you find the time…

    thanx a heap!

    1. I BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SONG FOR EEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant find it now where i play the violin and sing and i really want the notes. can someone tell me where i can get the notes for violin??? Thanks 🙂

  16. Thank you so much! This song has been driving me crazy because even after listening to the ipod several times I still couldn’t be sure of the chords. It’s harder than I thought but I guess that’s just Alexander making it look easy. It makes a nice change from Bach, Bach, and more Bach (both violin and piano)!

  17. i would love to play the song fairytale with the electric violin – is there anybody who could send me the violin part? that would be amazing

  18. hey! I’m not sure if you ever got around to this thread again! (or if you even remember me!)
    But, I’m still hung up on the Estonian entry! (Never loved a song so much in my life!)
    You mentioned that you would email me, once you were done… I literally just saw that message today (months later) so I just wanted to know if you ever did send it?

  19. Hi, Im just wondering if you could write me the tabs or write the song in chords? or just in letters. Ive never been good with notes and I cant find this song other places. I hope to hear from you, and thanks!

  20. please could you give me the notes in letters please because i was never good with notes
    please and thank you!!!:)

  21. hi im new to this site my name is shari and im crazy about alexander rybak song and i really need it for my music exam please im begging you to send it to me the violin piece every time i go on a site to print it it with money so please can you try to send it to me within two weeks
    please and thank you

  22. Hi there!

    i’m looking for the violin sheetmusic from Alexander Rybak
    if you have the violinpart then please send me a copy?
    i cannot find this anywhere, the piano-sheetmusic is usable but not really good for the violin
    please send me a copy

    thank you!!!

    1. Hi Michel – Sorry but I don’t have any violin part. I just transcribed out the “riff” which is the short motif that Alexander plays on the violin. I think you can buy the full violin part online nowadays.

  23. I know this is old but THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    I have trouble figuring out chords and such (even if it is as simple as an open string) so this really saved me!

  24. this is a great piece of trascribed music. But I really really would like you to transcribeone of his other pieces, called dragdon, or ‘day dream’. It would mean so much to me, and I’m not sure whether or noti could give you anything, but it would be very awesome of you, if you could. (the entire piece though….because i can’t figre it out past the beginning like, ten measures) Please and thank you.

  25. hi, would you PLEASSSSSSE send all of it my email address???
    I really need to have the whole song!
    U’d make me SOOOOO happy if u do me this favor…

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