Many laughs at the Spelling Bee

On a cold, wet and windy Friday night, our family made our way to the Hackett Hall in Floreat to watch the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  Yep, a mouthful of a title, it’s a musical that is currently being put on by the local amateur theatre group, Playlovers.

I love the small venue.  It’s cosy and homey, and the venue was decorated and setup just like a school gym, where the musical is set.  I love the iPhone Old Booth photos that were used in the foyer!  With the tiered seating, all seats have a good view of the stage.

The cast of locals were really engaging.  The William Barfee character, played by Lauchlan Bain, was really well done – over the top, but not overacted.  He definitely played his stereotype role extremely well and had both Wifey and me nearly crying with laughter with his footwork and slomo 🙂  It was great to see our Miss 8’s violin teacher, Jeanette Teh, play a major role too, as Marcy Park (with a role that was a little close to real life :)) and Perth lindyhopper, Vicki Kirkman, pulling off so many one liners as one of the “adults”.

I also loved the audience participation in the show.  It was a packed crowd on Friday night, and a few “volunteers” from the audience got to be participants on stage – they actually did a really great job, with lots of cheers and support from friends in the audience.   Must make it interesting for the cast each night!

Overall, the show was entertaining – the audience definitely laughing and enjoying the show.  Well done to all involved!  Definitely recommend going out to see this with some friends!  Hurry, last show is on the 30th I think.

One small gripe – at times, the actors were a little soft (volume).  Would’ve loved their mics to be turned up a little more.  And I was confused as to why there were 2 musical directors alternately conducting.  Was this confusing for the orchestra/band and cast?
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2 thoughts on “Many laughs at the Spelling Bee”

  1. Hi Jase,

    Don’t know how on earth i managed to stumble upon your blog… But here i am. I was involved with the production ( I actually designed the poster & photobooth pics above as well)

    Just wanted to let you know, the reason for the two MD’s was (and what i was told) conducting that production was extremely exhausting 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the show, The same team is producing Monty Python’s Spamalot in November too!!!


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