Little Miss Masterchef

Our family has recently got hooked on Masterchef.  The kids are really getting into it, looking forward to each night’s show. 

This show has really inspired our little Miss 8 to cook.  On the weekend, she put on her apron and, in the spirit of Masterchef, cooked up her own unique creation using ingredients available in our fridge and pantry!

Little Miss Masterchef at work
Little Miss Masterchef at work

I asked her what the name of her dish is, but she just shrugged.  So we made one up for her,  Caregg!


As you can see from the photo, this dish consists of a centre of scrambled egg on a base of grated carrots.  The deep red sauce is a unique combination of straight ribena infused with freshly squeezed lemon juice.  To complete the dish, it is drizzled with raw egg white and sugar and garnished with chopped lettuce.   I’m sure there’s a few other things in there like tomato sauce and heaps of butter.  

I wasn’t game enough to try the dish because of the raw egg in it, but I did try the ribena and lemon sauce – it was excruciatingly sweet but the lemon did put a nice twist on it 🙂   

I love Miss 8’s attention to presentation.  As they say on Masterchef, you eat with your eyes, and Miss 8’s Caregg dish was beautifully presented!   The challenge now is to cultivate this interest in cooking!


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