Cross Country Victory

This week, our kids had their cross country race.  I took the morning off to support Miss 8 and Miss 10, and was glad I did!

Miss 10 decided to run in the 3 lap, 1.5km course.   I was worried, asking her “Are you sure you can run that distance?”.

“Yeah Dad… I did it last year!”   Duhhhh 🙂

She started nice and steady, and did slow to a walk a few times, but in the end, she finished coming 3rd!  OK, it’s a small school, but I’m so proud that she ran the distance, considering we’re really a sporty type of family.   The only thing – she wasn’t really tired or sweaty when she finished!! I said to Miss 10, “You could have run faster!!”

Then it was Miss 8’s turn.   Only 1 lap, 500m.  I told her beforehand, “Take it steady, you don’t want to go too fast at the beginning.”

As soon as her race started, Miss 8 bolted off, sprinting down the start line ahead of the pack.  I thought, “Crap! She’s going to get too tired!”.  Parents around me were murmurring, “Wow!  Your daughter is fast!” while I tried to get my iPhone ready to take some photos.

She led the pack around the circuit.  But when she came to the final straight, her friend was coming up right behind her.  I was yelling mad, like a crazy parent, “COME ON!!!  NEARLY THERE, YOU CAN DO IT!!”

Miss 8 leading the pack!
Miss 8 leading the pack!

I could see she was tiring, but she pushed herself an extra notch and finished 1st!  It was great for her confidence, as earlier she was moaning, “I can’t do it…”.  Well, she can and she did and I hope she realises it!


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