Ice Skating Party

Does anyone remember going to ice skating Birthday parties at the Mirrabooka ice rink?  That old building, the really old skates that stunk, walking through the plastic hanging strips down those steps to the rink?

I didn’t know, but that place had closed down 2 years ago!  But about 2 months ago, a new rink has opened in Malaga – the Perth Ice Arena.  A large big blue building in Perth’s northern suburbs, this seems to have taken the place of the new ice skating centre north of the river.

Perth Ice Arena

Our kids were invited to a party there a few weekends ago.  And it was surprisingly nice inside!  It’s still very new.  I loved the new skates they have for hire – they’re still in pretty good condition and don’t smell too bad yet!

Little Miss 8 insisted that we (Wifey and I) join her on the ice.  It took a while for me to get used to skating again, but the hardest part is that Miss 8 insists on holding our hand when skating!  I keep on encouraging her to go solo, as that is the only way for her to learn to balance properly (and to not bring me down when she falls!), but she doesn’t have the confidence yet.

Miss 10 on ice

By the end of the session, I had escaped without a fall, but Wifey, Miss 8 and Miss 10 weren’t so lucky.  Why is ice so slippery? 

I was thinking about the whole concept of moving on ice later – unlike roller blading, etc where there are wheels, there are no “moving parts” when ice skating.   My concept of ice skating is that it’s like constantly slipping and falling, but managing to stay upright at the same time 🙂


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