1 week off blogging!

Last week I just didn’t end up updating my blog for 1 whole week!   *shock*

It sort of felt like a relief not having to write a little anecdote or story from my day.  But I also felt like I betrayed my diary by not updating it for the week!  Oh no!  In a few years will I look back at that week and wonder, “What did I get up to?”   Or maybe my personal goal of updating the blog every weekday is just too much.  I mean, I don’t want to dribble on about nothing.  Not like this post today 🙂

It really all started when I was too busy on Tuesday.  But then on Wednesday I started to come down with a cold, and then I eventually had Thursday and Friday off work to recover at home.  And that was it… no blog update for a whole week.

I did see my blog stats continue to ramp downwards all last week.  Is that the payback?  Or maybe it’s the natural attrition of my post of the Fairytale violin music. Hmmm….


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