Miss 10’s Signature

When did you create your first signature/autograph?  I remember when I was younger, I mucked around for a few days writing my name in various ways, until I found something that I liked and flowed for me.

Well, just last week, our little Miss 10 started doing that.

She grabbed a couple of blank pieces of paper from the printer, and started scribbling – filling them with different variations of her name.

She then came to me and showed me her signature.

I smiled.  It looks cute!  The embellished starting letter and the rounded strokes seem to reflect her artistic and vibrant personality.  The underline across the bottom reflects her self confidence, and I think mirrors how she is more of a leader than a follower.

Or am I reading too much into it?

Miss 10 finally got to try out her new signature on her first acceptance letter to a High School.  She signed the bottom, and grinned.  She was proud of her new signature..  and I was proud of her 🙂


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