Dragonball at Cosplay

Are you a geek?  I know my Star Wars, I used to watch Doctor Who in the 80s and am familiar with a couple of Japanese animated movies.   After going to the Supanova expo on the weekend, I can say that I am NOT a pop culture geek.

The people who went to the show were seriously hard core!!  It was a real eye opener to see so many people dressed up as manga/anime/scifi characters 🙂

There were also quite a few celebrities doing signings.  Celebrities, but unfortunately not for me – I didn’t know who most of these people were!  I wish I could’ve got excited about them, but I was really out of the know 😦  I guess I could’ve gone up to them, got their autograph and asked, “eerrr.. so what are you famous for?”

Dotted around the expo were some amazing artists – Miss 10 spent a while at the Wacom stand watching people draw Japanese and other cartoon styled characters on computers.  They were amazing 🙂

We ended the visit at the Cosplay competition where the costumed people congregated and pretended to be their characters.  Their interviews definitely showed their geekiness.  I was amused when they role played, or re-enacted scenes/songs.  But my favourite *huh?* bits are when some people quoted from particular shows went right over my head…

We left with a couple of Japanese bunny ears and some kiddy mangas.  I’m wondering if I should dress up the girls next year…  Sailor Moon?  Or is that too mainstream?  Maybe Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket or Mitsuki Koyama from Full Moon?


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