Made the switch

I’ve made the switch.

Unboxing MacBook Pro

In the school holidays, I scouted around Perth to buy a MacBook Pro 13″ 2.53GHz.  It seems that this particular model is extremely popular in Perth – so much so that it was sold out in all central Perth stores!  I had to make a long trip to an outer suburban shopping centre to get mine.   Yep – I bought one of the last ones in Perth…


I couldn’t wait to get home to unbox it.  Like the iPhone, I love the way Apple packages its products.   It’s all so simple, clean and elegant.  Just like the MacBook Pro itself.  My new “silver diva”, I love everything about it – the backlit keyboard, the multi-touch touchpad (four finger swipe for Expose is great!), the sleekness, the battery life.

Backlit keyboard

Most annoying things so far are the sharp edge around the top base of the laptop.  It can get uncomfortable.    The only other annoyance for me – is having to relearn things and find equivalent programs for the ones I used in Windows.


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