Building a gate

Yay!  With the help of my father, I’ve built and installed a side gate! 

First we went to Bunnings and looked at the pre-made gates.  Unfortunately they all seem to be 900mm wide, whereas the gap between the fence and our house was about 880mm.   With space required for posts and gaps, the actual gate had to be more around 750mm wide, so we had to build our own!

Gate materials from Bunnings

I dug a hole for the post, installed the post and filled it with quick set concrete.   This is definitely a 2 man job – 1 to hold the post, 1 to pour the concrete.   Beware – quick set concrete sets really quickly! 

Dug a hole for the post

We painted the pickets and put the gate together.   What I learnt from the helpful guy at Bunnings is that the Z beam (not in the photo below) needs to go pointing upwards away from the hinged side.   This is the way to keep the gate square.

We screwed in the pickets from the back (through the cross beam) so that you can’t see any screws from the front side.

Assembling the gate

Hanging the gate is the last step and installing the bolt.    I’ve put on another coat of paint but I think it needs a fine sanding now too.

In the end – not too hard really!  I’m now inspired to replace our other gates and fences with pickets!


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