ADSL2 but not ADSL2 speeds

12 months after signing up for ADSL2, I have finally got ADSL2!  Yep it’s taken that long!  No, not iiNet’s fault – but it seems that my local exchange actually didn’t have enough physical space to add more lines – so I was basically waiting for someone to leave or Telstra to renovate the exchange.

But when it was all switched over, my speed increased from about 1Mbps to just below 2Mbps.  What was going on?

I knew I had phone line issues.  Whenever people call us on the land line, it would cut out the internet.  That definitely points to a filter problem.  But I thought we had a central splitter installed.

After some reading on Whirlpool, I got a professional communications installer in and we found that there was an internal wiring problem – my ADSL modem line and phone line were both filtered!

So he fixed that and suddenly I’m getting 5.5Mbps. Much better than before, but still less than the theoretical maximum of 24Mbps – but enough to stream videos and use the PlayStation Network with less delays.  And no more cutouts when someone calls us!

The proposed optical fibre network should help in the future, right?

Note to self – in the future, don’t let the installer go until you check you have a good data speed and it doesn’t cut out when people call in!


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