Stick Wars on the iPhone

Stick Wars

During the school holidays, I had a great time playing a game called “Stick Wars” on the iPhone with Miss 10.  

The beginning levels are kind of slow.  Miss 10 was able to do many of these starting levels herself, but when things started getting hectic, she handed it over to me.   I did find that there were too many easy levels at the beginning – it should have got harder quicker in my opinion.

I love the touch controls for this game.  It is something that just wouldn’t translate that well into a traditional game console interface.   Picking up the people and either slamming them into the ground or throwing them away with your finger is so wrong but fun 🙂   And pulling back and releasing the fireball like a bow and arrow seems very natural.   For a while, we were playing it 2 people at once – I’d fire the fireballs at the dragons and catapults whilst she threw the invaders away and the game handled the multi-touch with no problems.

The soundtrack is monotonous but appropriate.  One day, we even played it in the car hooked up to the stereo and we turned it up loud!  It was fun!

Overall, it looks like a simple looking game – the graphics aren’t that complicated or professional (come ‘on – they are stick men!).  But the game is so so addictive. 

The levels are short enough that you say to yourself, “just one more level”.  I think that’s what makes games like this so successful.  Definitely recommended!


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