Car packed for camping

We went camping on the weekend..  and we froze our butts off!

Yes it was fun!  The kids loved getting back to “nature”, playing in the forest, going on bushwalks, having smo’s on the fire…

But when it came to sleeping time, we freezed all night!  Maybe it was the air mattresses we were on, letting the cold come straight in from the ground (but we did have a groundsheet) but we had to put on extra layers on during the night.  My sleeping bag was rated 5 deg C, but wifey’s was rated -5 deg C and she was still cold.  Next time I’ll have to remember to pack a beanie and get a better sleeping bag, but we wondering if foam mattresses help since the other campers in our group who slept on foam weren’t as cold. 

Wish we could’ve stayed another night to make it worthwhile having packed so much stuff – well, it didn’t seem much, but it just all bulked up.

Here’s what we brought along:

– 4 sleeping bags
– 1 double air mattress, 2 single air matresses for the kids
– 4 pillows
– 1 ground cover
– 1 tent
– 2 camping chairs
– 1 pump, lantern, hammer, torch
– 1 bag of clothes and toiletries
– 4 cold winter jackets
– 1 camera bag with video camera and SLR
– 2 towels
– 2 bags of food, drink, bread rolls, etc

As usual, everytime we go camping we always say to ourselves, why don’t we do this more often?   Am now thinking of when we can do our next trip!

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