Nikon unveils first projector camera

Nikon has just announced a new camera.. nothing new.. but this one has a built in, tiny, projector.  So that you can project photos onto a wall to view with family and friends.

Is this the beginning of a new trend in consumer cameras – or will this be a one off wierd contraption that fails?

It’s been interesting to watch the trend of user friendly features like face detection for focussing, and now smile detection for taking the shot be introduced to cameras.  I mean, to most casual users – it meets their needs – take photos of others smiling!    The projector seems to meet another need – sharing and viewing photos with others.

For me personally, we do share some of our holiday pics with others through Facebook or share interesting shots with others through Flickr. 

But the community, the family gathering and flipping through photos from a holiday and sharing stories related to each photo – we don’t really do that anymore.  Yes, the photos are on my computer, and I can also put them onto the TV through the PS3, but sometimes it’s too hard – a network error, the folder isn’t being shared, I have to copy them to another location.    I’m sure there are many other people in a similar position to mine.   Something like this could perhaps fill the gap…

Depending on the price point, I suspect that the Nikon projector camera will find a niche for itself in consumer friendly Point and Shoot cameras and Canon will jump onboard and follow.  Competition and inclusion on more camera models will only drive the price down and improve the technology to make it cheaper to manufacture, use less power and make it smaller.    Any bets for how long it will be before we see a mini projector incorporated into a mobile phone?

More info here:


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