(bad) IKEA experience

Anyone been to the new IKEA?

You know the super large one where it’s even more help yourself?

Here’s what happened to “someone” lately.

Customer went out to buy 2 couches – a 3 seater and a 2 seater.  Easy right?  IKEA person #1 in the display showroom prints out 2 dockets.  The 3 seater has to be picked up by said customer in one of the warehouse aisles.  The smaller 2 seater can get picked up at the furniture delivery desk after checkout.

Already confused.  Questions IKEA person #1 but they say that’s what the computer says.

Customer goes to the warehouse section.  Asks the IKEA person #2 at the desk to double check.  He says that it’s a mistake, the 2 seater should be picked up in the aisle, the 3 seater can be picked up in the furniture delivery desk.  Points customer to the aisle.  Doesn’t bother to help even though there’s hardly anyone else in the warehouse during this weekday afternoon.

Customer goes to the aisle.  The couch there is the 3 seater one.  Great.  It’s way too big and heavy to carry.

Customer goes back to IKEA person #2 at the warehouse desk and asks how much delivery is.  He doesn’t know.  He says you have to go to the delivery desk, past the checkout.

Customer goes to the checkout, speaks to IKEA person #3 and explains situation.  IKEA person #3 doesn’t know what to do but suggests to go to the delivery desk with the 2 dockets.

Customer goes to the delivery desk, shows the 2 dockets.  IKEA person #4 says they don’t know how much delivery will be until they see the couches in person.  Customer says they’re too big to carry by themselves and wants to find out delivery price first.   IKEA person #4 still can’t tell.  Customer shows the dimensions in the brochure.  IKEA person #4 estimates $85 (!?!?!!) but customer should really buy the couch first and bring it there for confirmation.

Customer by this time is fracking frustrated and leaves IKEA without buying anything.

What happened to good old customer service?  I like their food court, their range of stuff and their “low” prices.   Heck – we have whole rooms furnished with only IKEA stuff.   But I think this episode should give some small business operators hope – bigger definitely doesn’t necessarily mean better customer service or experience.


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