Touchscreen fail

So last weekend I went scouting around petrol service stations to find one that hired out trailers.

Eventually found one.  But instead of the good old book to sign it out and form to sign, the cashier pointed me towards the back of the shop where there was some “computer” I had to use, then come back and see him when I had booked the trailer.

The computer to hire the trailer
The computer to hire the trailer

I was thinking, “Great…  here comes another blog post about customer service in the 21st century”.

Anyway, the thing that made my experience FAIL was the touchscreen computer.

Check this out –

I'm not touching where I'm touching
I have a pointing issue
The whole concept of a touchscreen is that you touch where you want to click, right?
Well, it seems that this touchscreen was not calibrated correctly.  So when I tried to click “0”, I was clicking on empty space.  When I tried to click “1”, I clicked on “0”.    And not only that, the difference in distance between the pointer and my finger decreased the further right across the screen I was.
After laughs, photos followed by frustration, I managed to click the right numbers for the trailer and my personal details.   I then proceeded to tell it to print out the order and instructions.   But I couldn’t see any printouts or any place for the print outs to come out.   I pressed Print multiple times, but still with no feedback.
I gave up, went back to the cashier, and he found 5 copies of the instructions and order sitting in his printer.   Great…

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