NumberKey for the iPhone

I am a geek according to my wife and friends.   I found what I thought is a really cool iPhone application called NumberKey.  But when I show them, they say I’m a nerd.

You see, most laptops don’t have a number keypad on their keyboard – there just isn’t enough space.  If you’re used to entering numbers in quickly, the row of numbers on top of the keyboard just isn’t good enough.

So it seems someone created an iPhone application that shows you a numeric keypad, and links wirelessly (over wifi) to your laptop.  And then bingo!  You can use your iPhone as a numeric keypad to your MacBook, etc.

Default NumberKey layout
Default NumberKey layout


I found it useful when doing some finances and my taxes last week.  My main gripe is that I really miss the tactile feedback of where my fingers are.  I’m at the stage now where I can enter numbers in quickly on the numeric keypad without looking.  I just feel for that notch on the number 5 key.  Well, the iPhone NumberKey application “shows” a notch on the number 5 key, but that doesn’t really help at all!

But cool nerdy features include the ability to put different skins on it, to disable certain buttons like the comma, and also swiping across to show you the navigational buttons that you normally find on a 101-key keyboard like Page Up, Page Down, cursors, etc.

Navigational buttons
Navigational buttons


Looking more like a classic keypad
Looking more like a classic keypad

If you do lots of number entry and are comfortable with and missing your numeric keypad, this is the application for you.  Otherwise – just use the numbers on your laptop’s keyboard and save some money.


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