Dear Dad

Another wonderful Father’s Day has passed in Australia.

I woke on Sunday to whispering and clanging in the kitchen as the kids prepared breakfast in bed for me.  The sun was shining through the window onto the bed, the smells of french toast wafting through the house. 

I lay still in bed pretending to still be asleep when they opened the bedroom door and surprised me 🙂  And then I was bombarded with the many cute little things that the kids made at school and at home.

Dear Dad music

One of my surprise presents this year was a piece of music composed and written down by Miss 10.  According to wifey, she sat down on Saturday and penned it all by herself!  I’m just amazed at the ternary form, the contrasting B section yet retaining similar rhythmic patterns, the phrasing and the balanced line of the melody.  Totally freaky!


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