Mundaring Dam panorama

Mundaring Weir panorama trial

A few months ago, we camped up in Mundaring and took a bush walk down to the dam.

It was such a beautiful day, blue skies, and the dam was so expansive.  I had my camera on me, but no tripod, but wanted to somehow capture the grandeur of it all.   I snapped a few series of photos that I hoped I could make into panoramas.

And so back I came and stitched them together and tried to make something of them.  But I’m failing.

With this particular shot on top of the dam wall, the stitching is getting all confused by the railings and fence.   In the shot above, you can see the fence on the left and right having a continuity problem.   I started to manually put anchor points on, but with 10 shots or so, it was taking way too long for all the combinations! I think hand holding also meant I was not definitely not rotating around the lenses nodal point either!  I was probably rotating around my torso = bad.

The harsh midday lighting isn’t doing any favours to the shot either!  I know people add colours/tints afterwards for dramatic effect and to change the mood of photo, but unfortunately I haven’t quite mastered that yet. I think I will have to play a bit more with that.

So in the end – I’ve ended up with a shot that is pretty average 😦   Maybe this was one of those times where I should’ve just not taken a photo and enjoyed the scenery more.


2 thoughts on “Mundaring Dam panorama”

  1. What are you using to do the stitching?

    I find that Photoshop CS4’s photomerge functionality does a good job of stitching, and so does the freeware AutoStitch (

    Alternatively, PTGUI apparently is very good for stitching.

    1. @Martin I used PTGui for this one. I think it was the repeating patterns on the wire fence that was one of the reasons why the stitching didn’t work automagically.

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