MasterChef Sticky Date Pudding with Almond Praline

I’m a sucker for Sticky Date pudding.   Whenever we went down south a few years ago, we would make a point to drop in at Rivendell for their sticky date pudding (before they changed management).

So I was really excited when I saw this on MasterChef  – it was another recipe I just had to try!

Date mixture

Cooking the actual sticky date pudding and the butterscotch sauce wasn’t too hard.

Cooking the sauce

All cooked!

The end result was extremely delicious!  Even my Grandma was impressed 🙂

But it was the almond praline that caught me and the kids out.  We burnt it pretty bad!  But then again, it was our very first try at doing this.  I think I’ll have to try cooking sugar again another day.

Burnt praline

The MasterChef recipe is here:—almond-praline.htm

2 thoughts on “MasterChef Sticky Date Pudding with Almond Praline”

    1. @Dogpossum Thanks 🙂 Actually, good tip on the safety aspect. In hindsight, I probably should’ve kept my 8yo daughter at a distance…

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