Metronome and Tuner on the iPhone

As a (classical) musician, a metronome and tuner are two “gadgets” that are extremely useful. 

Most musicians would have some sort of metronome to determine the right tempo for a piece of music.  At home we have an old mechanical one.  A tuner is of course useful if you don’t have a piano around.  I remember when my father bought our first Korg tuner with a needle and we had fun trying to get all our instruments exactly in tune.

Well, jump to the late 2000’s and now applications and mobile computers/phone technology places these things right in your pocket. 

I have tried a few applications on the iPhone AppStore and the one I like most is Guitar Toolkit.

Splash screen

The tuner seems quite responsive and is accurate.  I like the clear needle and LED to show when you’re in tune.  It’s not just limited to guitar tunings – you change the mode to all notes if needed.


The metronome is as fully featured as I need.   It’s easy to turn on and off.  You can change the BPM by scrolling the wheel under the red button.   I just wish it was a bit easier to change the BPM quicker, but having an analog scroll is also nice for the times you want a particular tempo without knowing the exact BPM.


A useful feature is the Tempo Tap Pad.  A bit hard to see at first, if you tap your finger above the red button, it will change the BPM to the tempo that you’re tapping at.   Might be useful for DJs or dancers.

Other standard features include the ability to change the sounds that are used and the time signature.

The rest of the application is geared towards guitarists.  There is a fretboard view that shows you notenames on the guitar frets and a chord chart built in.  Not much use for a violinist.

Guitar Chord Library

Overall, Guitar Toolkit is must have application for musicians.  It’s polished, slick, easy to use.. and in your pocket!


3 thoughts on “Metronome and Tuner on the iPhone”

  1. Thanks for the review!

    We have a new release in the pipeline (1.3), which should arrive within two weeks. It includes more instruments (mandolin, ukulele, banjo, 6-string bass), and also adjustable A=440 tuning for those (such as classical musicians) who need to tune on a different base pitch.

    — GuitarToolkit team at Agile Partners

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