Perth Royal Show

What a great week off work! One of the activities we got up to was going to the Royal Show.

In the last 2 years, we went later in the day so we could try to fit in the fireworks – but we found that the Woolworths Pavilion and some of the Animal Pavilions were closed by the time we got to them!

So this year we decided to start earlier, before lunch. Much the same experience as previous years, except this time, we didn’t do any games or rides. Up to $6 for a game and $9 for rides??? Are you kidding?  We told the kids that we’d rather buy them another showbag than to let them play the fishing or clown game for $6!

We also saved money this year by bringing in our own water and packed lunch and fruit.

I did pop in to meet fellow Perth blogger and tweeter, Rodney Olsen.   Sorry it was so quick and awkward Rodney!   It seemed like you were busy broadcasting…   Good luck for the ride 🙂

About 6 hours later, we decided we’d had enough and took the long walk back to the car…   our arms filled with showbags and our bellies with as many free food samples as we could find 🙂

Highlights:  free tasting at the Dairy Pavilion and Yellow Brick Road at the Woolworths Pavilion

Lowlights:  no IKEA stand

Funniest sight:  old men and ladies getting on the “jiggling” vibrating exercise machines

What I’d wish I’d done:  stay until night time to take some long exposures of side show alley



One thought on “Perth Royal Show”

  1. Some great photos there.

    It was great to catch up briefly. It’s always difficult when I have to be in the middle of keeping the programme running and trying to chat so sorry about that.

    There were times during the week that I was more available to talk but they’re always hard to pick. Hopefully we can chat more next time, whenever that may be.

    Our family was also disappointed that Ikea was a ‘no-show’.

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