No ride to work but carpark was good

Today is Ride to Work day in Australia.  It is a day encouraging workers to ride instead of drive being promoted all over the country.

I woke up at 7.05AM this morning, ready to cycle to the Art Gallery and join fellow cyclists for a free breakfast. 

I got changed, had a small breakfast, packed my bag – all while still coughing a chesty cough and blowing my runny nose.   My cold from the weekend is sitll lingering.   I checked the Bikewest maps for how to get to the Art Gallery.

Wifey stirs and queries “You’re NOT cycling to work today are you?”.   Even Miss 10 yesterday said, “Dad, you shouldn’t cycle to work.  When I have a runny nose and do sports, my nose gets cold and even more runny!”.  

Argghhh..  I hesitated and decided it was better to not subject my sick and congested respiratory system to 35 minutes of rushing cold air. 

My kickstart to start cycling to work again since Winter has failed. 

I was disappointed.

Driving to work today, I looked around for cyclists.  I didn’t notice many bikes on the road – nothing more than usual, but maybe that’s because they would’ve cycled earlier or taken routes into the city?

But at work, the difference is definitely noticeable.  Our normally overflowing, double/triple parked carpark was actually manageable!   There were even a few empty spots this morning!

How did everyone else go?  Did you see a noticeable difference with parking at their workplace?


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