Not a teenager yet.. not yet…

So my girls are 8 and 10.  Not old.  But not young either.

Chatting to a friend today, she said that her son turns 14 today.  14.  Only 4 years away for me.  But she was commenting that some of her son’s friends are already drinking and smoking at parties.  Some apparently attend AA.

Is this going to happen to my kids?  How can I prevent it?  Will they mix with the “right” people? 

How will I know what they are doing at parties?  For now, the girls don’t attend any “parties” that are not Birthday parties.  There are playovers and occasional sleepovers, but that’s usually with 1 or 2 other friends only.  But all is safe and harmless.

But I know there will be a day when the kids are invited to a party…  a party for no reason but to party.. and maybe drink.. and be silly.   I just hope that when that day comes, they will be responsible.

It’s almost like releasing an “animal” that has been grown up captive back into the wild.  You hope that they can fend for themselves, that you’ve taught them as much as they need to know, or at least, the principles and values to make the right decisions.

And I don’t want to be overly protective either…

Arghh…  parenting…

For now, I’ll just try to cherish each day as it comes.


2 thoughts on “Not a teenager yet.. not yet…”

  1. My advice is as someone fresh from my teenage years is to simply continue to make yourself available for discussion and you might find they will come to you with stuff. Also to keep up the family activities even when they complain (secretly they love it).

    I reckon you will find that they will feel that support and run to you (their dad) when they start fighting with their mum, which is inevitable and necessary in a girl’s development.


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