New digital SLRs that can take photos in the dark!

In the last couple of weeks, both Nikon and Canon have announced new  top of the line Digital SLR models to their range.    Obviously way out of my price range, but I’d love to get have one of these in my camera bag!

So what’s new?  It seems that the battle of the pixel count has momentarily stopped and it’s now the battle of the High ISOs – in non-technical speak, the latest Digital SLRs are better at taking clearer photos in darker lighting.   Both of these new cameras advertise the ability to push their ISO up to 102,400  – which is basically like taking photos in darkness!   Well, maybe even pitch black to what our human eyes can see according to Vincent LaForet.

For those that know my photo style, I like taking photos in existing light – I’d rather push up the ISO and get noise than use that flash, so these new cameras are just what I need!

Unfortunately, I can’t justify spending that much money on a camera as its just a hobby for me – I just have to wait and hope that the technology in these cameras trickle down their model lineup to the prosumer models at a more reasonable price.


Nikon D3S

Nikon’s News Release:

Nikon’s D3S Product Page:


Canon 1D Mark IV

Canon’s 1D Mark IV Product Page:


Note: to Canon/Nikon – if you do feel the need to lend me one of your latest cameras to test at music/event/concert/dancing gigs in low light, I’d be more than happy to accept 🙂


2 thoughts on “New digital SLRs that can take photos in the dark!”

    1. @maplesyrup21 – Yes, it definitely opens up new artistic possibilities for both still and video images. I think this versatility also drives another nail into the film camera coffin.

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