Blurb Photo Books

Have you made a photo book before?

We’ve made a few through Target’s Photobook service.  But we just heard that Blurb currently has a special that is free shipping!

So Wifey and I have embarked on making some photo books through Blurb’s BookSmart software.  We have a huge list to get through:

* Italy trip book
* Separate books for each city in our family’s round the world trip
* Books for Miss 10’s dancing and Miss 8’s dancing concerts so far
* Books for various other family vacations
* Books of up to date family and casual snaps
* Books of the kids birthday parties
* Books of my photography
* The list just goes on…

Here’s a sneek peak of what our Italy one is looking like!

Working on our Italy book

The main problem is time.  Books take a lot of time to design!  So far, we’ve only managed one Italian city per night (about 2 hours)!  At this rate, every night this month will be tied up in book designing!

Last night we had some good debates on which photo to use, which layout, what order to put them in.  Luckily I’ve already processed most of the photos so they don’t need touching up as well!  But it’s all fun.  I can’t wait until they’re done – they will be AWESOME!

On BookSmart – I like the various page layout options and the ability to edit the layout too.   These save a lot of time!

One tip so far – my iPhoto library is HUGE, with every digital photo from 2002 onwards in there.  This basically makes the BookSmart software come to a grinding halt.  Also, I’ve configured iPhoto to not manage the location of my photos and this doesn’t agree with BookSmart.  The photo browser in BookSmart is not that great either – I can’t zoom in to preview photos or sort them the way I want.   I’ve found it’s much easier to use iPhoto to find the photo you want, and then drag it over to BookSmart.

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