Jigsaw Mania

Finished Jigsaw!


We’ve finally done it!

A few months ago, Miss 10 bought a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle..  a beautiful Holland landsacpe shot, and we completed it without too much trouble.

But this… our second 500 piece jigsaw puzzle was a nightmare!  All the lilypads and pond areas just looked the same!  We started by doing the corner and borders, but then skipped to the horizon line in the middle and tried to work outwards from there.

Don’t you just hate it when all the pieces are the same colour?

Luckily, after much perserverance, it’s done!  The last 10 minutes was like a race to see who could put in the final piece.  And then we hit a brick wall – we were one piece down at the end.  After much searching around the lounge room, we were all relieved when we found it had fallen onto the storage shelf below our coffee table.   I breathed a sigh of relief – I thought I had vaccuumed it up.

So, what now?

We’ve already started the next one – a Singing in the Rain poster jigsaw puzzle!  The kids are hooked – I’m hooked – all good..



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